(Photo is Tyler Callahan from Unsplash)

It’s been a week since I was sitting at a Caribou having coffee with my pastor. We were talking about the possible effects of the pandemic and that maybe down the road in-person church would be cancelled. And then 24 hours later, in-person church was cancelled and online meeting was the plan. Boom. Right?

I imagine your story is same. Suddenly everything changed!

I’m scrambling in every way (as are you) to adjust life and make new plans. Coaches specialize in change. Change is challenging whether it’s anticipated or not – to say nothing of the magnitude of unanticipated challenge of a global crisis like we are facing.

I hope this email finds you well and that your challenges remain limited to things like how you are going to work at home and how to help the children get through no in-person school experiences and where you will find your next roll of toilet paper.

A coaching conference I was to attend in April has been rescheduled to April 2021. Last week when the lead coaches got together to address the possible cancellation, they brought their coaching mindset to the discussion. Rather than “Should we cancel?” they started with “What does this make possible?” They decided to take the 2020 conference and move it to online presentation on the established 2020 schedule AND to create an in-person event for April 2021. Rather than no conference or even just one, two conferences resulted from asking the more powerful question – “What does this make possible?”

The questions you ask make a difference!



Coaching Question for You:  Rather than dwelling on what is cancelled or what can’t be done, given the current circumstances, what is possible? 

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