The Greater Purpose Spiritual Journey

For women asking “what’s next for me?”

Take a journey that includes guided personal discovery via eCourse, collaborative learning, a day retreat dedicated to God’s greater purposes and coaching with Linda.

Greater Purpose Coaching is available to women and men, but the retreats are exclusively for women.

Join me for the next GPS Retreat for women

Friday, September 23, 2016 – in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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For this day you will join up to six other women, each focusing on her personal, unique passions, values, mission and vision. I’ll be teaching on these topics and you’ll receive structure and tools for personally developing each of these areas. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how to find clarity in these areas and how to use your clarity to take action toward the greater purposes to which God has uniquely called you.

Included in the day:

• Teaching on passions/values/missions/visions
• Handouts and worksheets to facilitate your learning and applications
• Community time with wonderful women
• Personal time for reflection, journaling, visioning, planning and prayer
• One 25 minute session of private coaching or consulting with me
• Context that is Christ-centered
• Opportunity for less stress!
• And more…

Pre-Retreat Conference Call: Also included will be one 30 minute group conference call to be held 7-10 days before the retreat for jump starting your retreat day benefits. This is totally optional, but recommended.

Pre-Retreat Prep Guide: Also recommended (but optional) will be pre-work available in advance of the retreat. You will receive access to an e-Course that you can work through at your own pace.

Defining Retreat: Please don’t let references to “tools” and “pre-work” distract you from the goal of the retreat! This retreat is an opportunity for you to receive from God the best blessings he has uniquely for you on that day. And as a reminder – the dictionary definition of “retreat” includes words like “peace, quiet, privacy, security, seclusion, solitude…” and “withdrawal for prayer, meditation or study.”

The Retreat Venue: We will meet for the day at the Benedictine Center at the St Paul Monastery, 2675 Benet Road, Maplewood – a setting dedicated to quiet contemplation. After meeting together in the morning, each participant will have a desk/chair and rocking chair in a quiet room for the afternoon. Our morning and afternoon snacks will be provided by the nuns and we will have lunch in their cafeteria. The venue includes a beautiful chapel, an art exhibit and lovely grounds with benches and walking paths. The Benedictine Center is dedicated to supporting prayer, study and discernment in support of people “developing a contemplative heart open to the message of the Gospel and the discovery of God’s presence at the core of their lives.”


9:00 – 11: 00 Collaborative Learning and Group Time
11:30 – 12:30 Lunch
12:30 – 3:30 Individual Work, Personal Time for Reflection/Prayer and Private Coaching with Linda
3:30-4:00 Wrap Up

From Participant Survey Feedback:

I enjoyed the quiet time alone, thinking, plotting and just having stillness.

Taking time to have a quiet day of meditation was healthy for my spirit. I feel more organized in my approach to my current and future calendar.

The location was beautiful and peaceful – very easy to relax there.

The pre-work before we arrived was especially meaningful to me. It was very helpful!

The retreat exceeded my expectations!

My favorite part was all of it! Time with the group in the morning. Time with the Lord in the afternoon.

I really appreciated the format. Loved the opportunity to hear from and connect with others while also having time for solitude. And I liked having the coaching session in the afternoon.

I definitely feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Feel like I can tackle some things I’ve been putting off.

Register Now: The fee for this experience – including the e-Course, retreat and coaching – is $197. The Early Bird registration rate for the September 23rd retreat – $127 – is still available for a limited time! On the retreat day parking, snacks and lunch are also included. Payment is due at time of registration.

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“The Greater Purpose Spiritual Retreat Journey was refreshing – the setting was just right to provide a day away. The combination of pre-work, collaborative learning, space for quiet reflection in combination with prayer and a coaching session provided a deeply meaningful and potential time for personal growth. Thank you, Linda. I rate my experience an A+.”

Shari Harris

Author, Walking in Faith,

“The Greater Purpose Spiritual Retreat for Women was excellent. My experience at the retreat will help me focus on what’s important as I walk my path. My favorite parts were the quiet work time, the worksheets and tools given to help clarify my personal mission statement and meeting with my sisters in Christ!”

Annette Wanchena

Firm Administrator, 401kLatte

“I am so glad I signed up for the GPS day retreat. This is something I’ve never done before and out of my norm. I have been running a very solid schedule; quiet time – or should I say “un-distracted time” – is rare. I could have penciled in a quiet “me day” at home, but the vacuum would have called my name or the phone would have rung.
The retreat was an investment in ME! Establishing goals for different areas of my life is something I’ve done for years, but you took me more in depth than what I’ve done previously. This was really helpful in getting more detailed in my thinking. Also, I’ve never had a “mission statement” for my life. That was fun and insightful into what really makes me happy and what my passions are. The GPS day retreat was a much needed day of quiet stillness, alone with my thoughts. I feel stronger and I’ve actually been implementing changes in areas of housework, time with my son, and exercise.
Thank you Linda, for this retreat. It was refreshing and rejuvenating!”

Kathy Banta

Wardrobe Consultant, A La Mode Wardrobe Consulting

“For me, the GPS retreat was more than a day to work on my personal mission — it was a day of much-needed spiritual renewal. To have the opportunity to hear from others about their experiences, to receive private coaching from Linda, and to spend the afternoon in solitude was such a blessing. Driving home, I felt refreshed and inspired. I recommend this retreat to anyone who wishes to explore the purposes God has for them.”

Leigh Kramarczuk

President/Writer, Red Dog® Communications, Inc.

If you would like to join me on this journey.

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Space is limited to 6 participants.

Greater Purpose Spiritual Journey Fee: The fee for this experience – including the e-Course, retreat and coaching – is $197. The Early Bird registration rate for the September 23rd retreat – $127 – is still available for a limited time! On the retreat day parking, snacks and lunch are also included. Payment is due at time of registration.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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