Welcome to Coaching!


Let’s get started…

Start by downloading the forms below.

Click on each of the links below to download forms and save to your computer. Each form is available as a pdf or Word file. Use the Word files to type your answers on the forms. Save your answers to your computer and return the forms to me by attaching to an email. The information you provide will maximize your coaching time with me.

Complete and return the Personal Information Form and the Life Satisfaction Worksheet to me before our first session (unless we have made different arrangements).

The Session Prep Form is to be completed and submitted 24 hours in advance of each session. You are welcomed to cut and paste the questions into an email prior to each session, and simply answer in the body of an email. For the first session only, I do not expect to receive a Session Prep Form.

Attached to your “welcome to coaching” email, you received a personalized Coaching Agreement. Please review it before our first session. We will go over the Coaching Agreement in our first session, but if you have any questions about it in advance, you are welcomed to call or email me. Please print, sign, and scan or snap a photo of your signed coaching agreement and email me the scan or photo.

To prepare for your first session, complete and return the requested forms. When it is time for your session, choose a comfortable setting that will be free of distractions. Call me at the scheduled time at 763.780.8508.

Greater Purpose Coaching