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Single Moms Retreat

Volunteer Training



Thank you for volunteering to serve single moms as a beFriender for the 2019 Single Moms Retreat on May 3 and 4! I am honored to partner with you as you prepare to bless single moms at the retreat. This training is designed to help you powerfully encourage the single moms you meet. God bless you as you serve!

You are about to experience the same training that I do live. It is recorded from my desk and the difference is that I miss the interaction with you! I honestly pray for you – yes you! – as you take this training. I ask the Lord to multiply your investment of time and heart for God’s glory and purposes at the retreat and also in your relationships, work, ministries and life.

This training can help multiply the unique gifts you bring to single moms at the retreat. God bless you as you serve!

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